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We create digital marketing solutions to enhance your brand, expand your reach & experience unparalleled growth. 

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How We Do What We Do

Our 5-step secret recipe for transforming your digital marketing. 

  • Discovery & Onboarding: Let’s kick things off with a comprehensive consultation to understand your business, challenges, and goals. 

  • Creative Planning & Design: We get to work analyzing market data to create a tailor-made roadmap for success. We create data-driven designs that speak to your target market.


  • Implementation & Execution: Next, let’s bring that strategy to life! We’ll get cracking on website-making, brand-building, and everything in between.


  • Monitoring & Optimization: We track performance and keep a close eye on the numbers to measure the effectiveness of our strategy.


  • Success & Scale: We’ll review the data and strategize to scale even higher!

Christa Stephens - Data Driven Designs - Social Media Management - Web Design - Graphic Design
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What We Do

We also offer interactive training sessions to keep your team up-to-date and well-equipped with the tools they need to thrive in digital marketing for your business.

Web Design & Development
Your business needs an internet home that drives conversions and showcases the cool stuff your company does. 
Social Media Management
Get your business in front of more eyes with a robust, consistent social media strategy.
Create branding that aligns with your values and appeals to your target demographic.
Creative Roadmap Consultation
Deep dive into your business and unveil your brand’s potential with our creative road-mapping consultation service.
Content & Email Marketing
Nurture your audience and create a beloved community through on-brand, compelling email sequences.
Create cohesive visuals that align with your brand, from digital design assets to print media. 
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Thrive with us on your T.E.E.M

Everything we do is driven by these crucial principles. 


We don’t hide behind smokescreens. We believe that the most effective digital marketing efforts are made when everyone is kept in the loop. Clear, open communication. Always. 

Transparency - Christa Stephens - TEEM - digital marketing - social media management


We’re passionate about equipping businesses with the tools they need to hit their KPIs and thrive in the digital world.

Empowerment - Christa Stephens - TEEM - Detroit Michigan - digital marketing


We do what we do best, so you can do what you do best. We take on all your digital marketing tasks so you can focus on the parts of your business that you love. 

Ease - Christa Stephens - TEEM - digital marketing - detroit michigan - social media management


We work to equip the next generation of digital marketers with the skills and expertise they need to thrive in marketing.

Mentorship - Christa Stephens - TEEM - detroit michgan - digital marketing - web design - social media management

We’re Data-Driven Marketers.

We’re not the type to just implement a strategy and hope for the best. We go further. We’re your fully managed service partner, allowing you to step back and work out the parts of your business that make you happy


Our blend of creative vision and strategic insight makes for the ultimate combination of artistry and hitting those KPIs. Data-driven designs. Data-driven strategy. That’s what we do. 

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