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8 Fonts to Try When Reaching Out to Your Target Market

When writing or posting content online you want to make sure that your brand message is coming across clear to your target market. Your words may be great but you need a little oomph to attract people and keep them reading with great fonts.

Fonts come in two main types: Serif and Sans Serif. Let's think of Serif fonts as those that have a little extra to them. When you look at the letters, a, g, t, i - these letters typically have curls, tilts, or dots like a flair. For Sans Serif fonts, sans meaning "without", these cool flairs feature letters without the additional markings.

With this in mind, is your brand modern or clean? Or does your brand a bit more creative and friendly?

Let's look at a few fonts Serif fonts. How do you feel when you see this?

Now let's check out the Sans Serif fonts? Can you tell the difference between the two font types?

Try these fonts as you create your brand. Try to pair a Sans Serif with a Serif Font when creating. Sans serif fonts are typically used for the body of a paragraph while Serif fonts are used for headers or display messaging (similar to the graphics above!). Remember that if no one can read the font that you choose, it's ineffective for your brand.

Which font will you try today?

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